Hotjar's 2FA Open Gmail/Outlook buttons

Is it me or does this look like a UX quick win that I haven't seen very often?

Hotjar's 2FA Open Gmail/Outlook buttons

I hope you're accustomed to what Two-factor authentication (2FA) is by now. If you're not, I strongly recommend to check out what it is and secure, at least, your most important accounts such as emails and social network accounts.

So the reason I'm posting this is to share what I encountered on a 2FA page while creating an account at It has two small, very simple buttons on the page to enter the 2FA code sent to your email. One says "Open Gmail", the other "Open Outlook". It was quite appreciated 🥺.

GG Hotjar's 2FA

To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of opening my emails and my 2FA app when logging in yet (I use Twilio's Authy btw!) I know, I know; it's for strengthened security. I just assume you were lucky not to have to login with this yet:

Binance 2FA asks multiple verification

Had to share it. I guess Tumblr reblog days aren't as far as they seemed.

All in all, you know I write this with a tone of humour in mind. There's probably better UX patterns out there related to this. Can you think of any other ones?