How to display all yarn global packages?

Remember that yarn add global you weren't sure about?

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·Aug 5, 2022
How to display all yarn global packages?

tldr; For those who use it for the first time and for those who always forget the command (a.k.a. me), this is how to display yarn globally installed packages:

yarn global list

Don't forget you can also run these to find a specific command or get more information on one.

yarn --help

yarn help COMMAND

Here's an explanation of the global prefix: yarn global | Yarn.

Joke's on you! There's nothing much after this tldr; actually. So I'll explain how my mind wanders as this ✌️article✌️ was written.

A few minutes after needing to use this task to verify if I have any left over yarn global package (you know, left from some debugging session you forgot about? no? just me?), I decide to add it to my glorious new blog created two days ago, and for some curious reason now, you're reading it 🫶.

back on track 👉 Actually not on track, you can skip this part. IRL thought process:

  • I remember that my terminal is pretty good looking and I should use a quick screenshot of that window to use as a cover for this ✌️article✌️.
  • I have the great idea of changing the window's name into a secret message, but have no funny quote -- wait I just came up with one. Well, it was gonna be the name of the article yarn blah blah global. Wasn't great, wasn't great.
  • Uploaded though, it looks quite blurred out... too small. Let's put it on a background instead.
  • Let's head to Figma!
  • Let's put a catchy gradient background!
  • Fast forward to the present (this short story caught up to the present), the cover picture is not that bad. I don't hate it, I don't love it. But you know, ~I'm not a designer~ ...
  • Heck, you know what I'll add an emoji or two.

I hope you enjoyed this dev adventure and found the solution(s) to your problem(s).

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