Sometimes, I Don't Code

Yet, I still wanna talk about it πŸ‘Š

I often find myself talking about it and, before I realize, I'm quite deep into explaining something about SEO, agile or even a straight javascript problem to someone who has no idea what they got into because they simply asked the wrong (or right, depending of their interest) question.

So here I am: my name is Kim Min Soo, based in that french-english part of Canada and I'm ready to tackle tech writing. I always wanted to publish, like many others I'm sure, accumulating hundreds of web development related article ideas throughout the years. I hope not to mix this up with Tumblr. Let's see how it goes...

If you don't relate, that's ok. I hope I post something useful to you in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy this meme explaining very well why I chose hashnode for this blog.